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Note: catering exceptions require approval two weeks prior to each event.
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Please include supporting documentation that includes the items ordered, the cost for each, and the reason for choosing an outside caterer.
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This includes food/drink items being picked up from a vendor or delivered to an on-campus location (i.e. – DoorDash, Uber Eats, etc.). Please select “Food Pickup/Delivery” from the Outside Caterer section.
You must contact the Student Center Operations Event Management team to confirm your space and notify of the catering exception. Call 215-204-7131 or email
Catering exception requests only required if purchase is reimbursed with university funds.
Exceptions required only if event is held at a location where a third-party catering company is hired to serve food and/or alcohol. Contact Business Services at 204-3121 or with questions.
NOTE: Bake Sales, Brown Bag Luncheons, Donated Food Items, Pizza Purchases and Potlucks do not require a catering exception approval.
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